When you think of Florida, places like Miami and Orlando are the first things that come to mind, but Fort Myers is a hidden gem that’s worth visiting.

For Myers is one of the smaller, more quaint cities in Florida, therefore it is definitely worth visiting, especially for families.

While it is most known for its white, sandy beaches, perfect for shelling; if you’re looking for a getaway fort myers style, bring the whole family; because there are more ways to enjoy than just one.

·    Pirate cruise- That’s right, where else can you say offers a real, authentic pirate cruise? This voyage takes you to the real Parrot Key of the bootleggers and there are plenty of delicious snacks and drinks on board.

·    Bike rentals- With its gorgeous weather year-round, Florida is definitely the kind of place where you want to be outside as much as possible. Enjoy the beautiful weather and friendly people, on a family bike ride with their easy bike rentals everywhere.

·    Nature walk/ planetarium- You would not believe how beautiful, simple, and relaxing a nature walk is in Fort Myers. The planetarium with a light show, stargazing program, and much more is perfect for kids of all ages.

getaway fort myers

·    The lake- For so much ocean surrounding Florida, there are also plenty of lakes. Enjoy various lake activities such as rental jet skis, fishing, etc.

·    Other museums– For more educational ways to have fun, there are plenty of museums in Fort Myers, such as the IMAG history and science center.

·    Water parks/ outdoor parks– Sometimes all you need is a sunny day and a park bench. Enjoy Florida’s outdoor life at one of their many parks or practice your swimming even more at some of their water parks.

This holiday season, or any time of year, make Fort Myers your new family vacation destination.