When we want to getaway we want to really get away.  This means distancing ourselves from our current lives, situations, work and the stress that we all feel.  When we want to get away the first thing that we want to do is decide on where we are going to sleep.  For some this can be a fancy hotel whereas for others it will be a local bed and breakfast st. augustine fl.

Don’t rush it

Don’t rush your getaway.  Many people will rush packing, driving and trying to get to where they want to go.  True, you don’t want to wait and waste time, however, you really want to make the journey a part of your trip. 

Start early

Once that last minute of work is done and you punch your timecard, you are on vacation.  Take a moment to let out a deep breath, close your eyes and really change your focus from work to fun.  When we do this and really start early, we can enjoy our vacation and really start the destressing process early.

Plan but be loose

Getaways are supposed to be fun.  However, you don’t just want to get into a car, drive away and hope for the best.  At least not all the time.  When going on a trip make sure that you have a basic plan of what you want to do, where you want to go and what you will accomplish.  When we do this we aren’t sitting around wasting time trying to figure out stuff to do or what to eat. 

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As the trip progresses and you are actually there, you can easily change your mind and make other decisions.  Don’t feel that you are locked into what you have to do just because you decided it was something that you wanted to do a month ago.  These are just suggestions and options.  You still have total freedom as to your choices.