How can you prevent ticks?

How can you prevent ticks?

Lyme disease has started to become a real problem for Maryland residents. Anne Arundel County has had its fair share of cases and remains a high-risk area. The ticks that cause Lyme disease are deadlier than they seem. There is also a great risk of contracting other diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever or babesiosis.

The risk that the ticks present makes it necessary to have information that can potentially help in the long run. Read on to find out more about tick control annapolis.

Preventative Measures

While there is a huge prevalence of the disease in the area, there are always preventative measures that can be taken.

Prevention in Infested Areas

If you’re entering an area that is known to be infected, such as tall grass or bushes, it’s necessary to take precautions. Wear light-colored clothing that is long-sleeved and covers your legs. When wearing pants, tuck the edges into your socks to prevent the ticks from getting on your skin.

Insect repellent is a lifesaver in these situations. When buying a repellant, make sure it contains 20-30% DEET. Do not spray the repellant directly on to your skin unless the instructions on the bottle say it is safe to do so.

Clean Gardens and other spaces

Gardens are a great breeding ground for ticks. When you’re preventing tick infestations, you’re going to need to start maintaining your garden. This entails clearing leaves, brush, and cutting grass. This also applies to the edges of the garden.

Clean Clothing

If you’ve just come back from a possibly infected area, then make sure to remove your clothes and wash them at high temperatures. A shower in the meantime wouldn’t hurt either. After your clothes have been washed, remember to dry them in high temperatures or in the sun.

How to Dispose of a Tick

If you see a tick on your clothing or outside, the instinct is to squash them. The proper way to dispose of a tick is to either flush it down the commode or drown it in alcohol.

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