Things To Do On Your Vacation In Galveston

Things To Do On Your Vacation In Galveston

As we travel, we will come across a lot of different places that spark our interests.  One way to travel is by RV.  As you travel by RV, you have the power of having your home come along with you.  Another advantage is the ability to stay in rv parks near galveston tx.  While in Galveston you might want to take some time and visit some of these sights.

Stewart Beach

For those that love the beach Galveston has one of the greatest beaches in the entire state of Texas.  This beach is family friendly and will allow you and your guests to enjoy a day in the sun.  The typical stay at the beach will be between two hours and half a day.

The Strand

The strand is in the historic district and is a great place for people who want to go shopping.  You will find shops, galleries, places to eat and much more.  If you are someone who likes history or likes to visit older buildings, then this nineteenth century historic district is just what you have been looking for.

Gresham’s Castle

Gresham’s Castle is also known as Bishop’s Palace.  This is a historic building that will take about two hours to explore fully.  You will learn a lot about the history of the city and of those who have helped build it to its current state of glory.

rv parks near galveston tx

These are only a few places that may interest you when you travel here in Texas.  From here you can enjoy your time in the RV Park.  In the RV park you will have power, water and all of the other comforts of home.  Traveling by RV is a great way to see the country and experience things that others could only imagine.  So, when things start heat up and you want to get away, consider Galveston and your RV.

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